Livingston Montana mobile imaging services include x-ray, ultrasound or diagnostic imaging services for patients at their home or bedside.

Livingston Montana Mobile Imaging

Livingston Montana mobile imaging services are brought to the area by Big Sky Mobile Imaging. Patients who need imaging services, but are unable to travel can now call to have a technician come directly to their bedside.

Our fully portable imaging machines are brought to your location by our x-ray technicians. They will visit your home or other location so that you do not have to travel to receive care.  This service is available in Livingston and surrounding areas.

I want to bring healthcare services to the people, where they are. Why not? We have the technology.

Nathan Purdy, Founder, Big Sky Mobile Imaging

We work directly with patients and through facilities in Livingston, Montana.

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One of the greatest reasons mobile imaging is needed in a rural state like Montana is because of the long distances patients may need to travel in order to receive this type of specialty care. Our company is dedicated to meeting people where they are. On snowy days where travel is difficult, we are there for you. Patients no longer need to drive in pain, through the snow just to get an x-ray.

Our R-ray, Ultrasound and EKG Machine is Brought to you by Our Technician in Livingston Montana

Big Sky Mobile Imaging is happy to serve patients in Livingston Montana.

It all started in Eureka Montana

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Big Sky Mobile Imaging first began offer portable imaging services in Eureka and Whitefish. Naturally, the company began to expand across Montana. This lead to the Livingston Montana mobile imaging services.

By adding multiple x-ray technicians, the company is able to offer services across Montana in all major cities and surrounding areas. See a list of all service areas here.

Big Sky Mobile Imaging provides the first and only mobile imaging services in Livingston Montana and across Montana.