Wondering where you can get x-ray, ultrasound or diagnostic imaging services in Polson Montana?

Wonder No More…

Polson Montana residents have access to mobile imaging services by Montana-based company, Big Sky Mobile Imaging.

Our x-ray technicians bring our fully portable imaging machines to your location. That could be your home in Polson or surrounding areas.

I want to bring healthcare services to the people, where they are. Why not? We have the technology.

Nathan Purdy, Founder, Big Sky Mobile Imaging

Are you or a family member in need of diagnostic imaging services in Polson Montana?

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Our Technician & Machine Comes to Your Bedside in Polson Montana

Big Sky Mobile Imaging provides x-rays, EKGs and ultrasounds to patients in Polson Montana.

It all started in Eureka Montana

mobile imaging technicians in polson montana

Big Sky Mobile Imaging first began offer portable imaging services in Eureka and Whitefish. Naturally, the company began to expand across Montana.

By adding multiple x-ray technicians, the company is able to offer services across Montana in all major cities and surrounding areas. See a list of all service areas here.

Big Sky Mobile Imaging provides the first and only mobile imaging services in Polson and across Montana.